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Boy, it has been awhile since I posted anything.  I think I may have lost my one follower:)

One of the reasons I started a blog was to try to branch out from my normal routine.  Anyone who knows me would say I like set schedules and orderly.  I am not OCD about it, but it does make me happy.  But lately I have been feeling cramped by my normal daily routine.  I want to break out of my shell and experience new things, I feel like I am letting too much pass me by.

I have joined a 90 day health challenge.  I start this coming week.  This weekend I will be preparing for this challenge.  I am clearing my house and kitchen of things and surrounding myself with the things that will help me be successful.

This isn’t just about trying to lose weight, it’s about trying to clear out some emotional baggage.  I believe I have a good size u-haul truck filled with emotional baggage and I am tired of lugging it around.  I know I won’t clear it all out, but I need to at least lighten the load.

So, I am creating my cocoon.  It will still let me feel safe and structured, but hopefully also challenge me to stop stressing about the things I cannot control.  To help step out, I am going to try to also challenge myself to post at least once a week on whatever topic pops in my head.  I also need to do some more reading and post some books reviews.

I plan to emerge a beautiful butterfly come August, but I might accept a very brave moth:)


My soap box


I just watched an ad on television advertising to vote for marriage between a man and a woman.  I may be about to open a large can of worms here and a debate I am not really prepared to defend other than by how I feel.  I know there are many others who have very strong feelings both for or against this topic.

What I don’t understand is why is this really an issue?  There is nothing illegal going on, so how can the government step in and define something that doesn’t need to be defined?  Loving someone is not illegal, does it matter their gender other than someone doesn’t agree with it?  No one is asking to marry their dog, although I believe that has happened in other countries.  No one is asking to make human sacrifices, just be able to openly share their loving relationship like every other human being.

I understand that marriage is considered a sacred thing, I agree with that.  But love is at the core of marriage right?  So why can’t a man marry a man if they are in love?  Wasn’t it not too long ago that it was illegal for an African-American man to marry a white woman?  While I know there is still racism, people have learned to accept inter-racial relationships.  How long will it take to accept same sex marriage?

I believe I was raised to be a good Christian person, with a sense of morals and good family values.  I believe that all people despite gender, race or religious preference have a right to pursue happiness.  True, the constitution does not guarantee that we will all be happy, but that we all have the right to pursue it.  This law hinders that right.  The constitution was created to limit our government and not limit the rights of people.

I hope on May 8 all North Carolinians think long and hard about voting for this amendment.  There should be nothing in our laws that limit the rights of an individual over any other individual.

For anyone who choses to respond, please remember – if you have nothing nice to say please don’t say it.



Yesterday my husband and I decided to try somewhere new for brunch.  We searched online for something we thought would be a little out of the ordinary.  Once we located a place we could both agree on, we put the address in in the GPS and set out on our way.  The day was sunny and beautiful and the drive was nice.  We get there, walk in and see a very long wait to be seated.  It is 11:30 and we didn’t eat breakfast, and started wondering if waiting another 30 minutes was going to be worth it, Todd was also concerned about getting back in time for the ACC Championships (yawn).

We had noticed when we drove in the shopping center seemed to actually have more restaurants than retail stores.  So we decided to see if any of them were open for lunch.  Right next store was a Mexican restaurant, and I can always be talked in to chips and salsa.  We gave up our wait and walked right in and were seated.  As all Mexican restaurants they gave us chips and salsa while we perused the menu.

Now, being someone who really enjoys her chips and salsa, I was not expecting all that much since most places seem to keep their salsa rather on the bland side so as not to surprise anyone.  But surprise, this was good!  There was just enough bite to it to give a little sting, but not enough to make your eyes water.  From there, our brunch turned lunch only got better.  All of their normal weekly lunch specials were less than $5 for the day!  The food was really good, and the atmosphere casual.  you could tell that several customers also came in when they found a long wait next door, but there was a couple next to us who appear to come every Sunday.

Needless to say, while we were originally exploring for a new place to try brunch, we found a new Mexican restaurant that we really enjoyed.  Now to go back and try the margaritas!

Hello world!


Hi –

I have decided to create this blog to share my passion for reading, collecting antiques and all things vintage.

On this site you will find book reviews for new books as well as some older favorites.  If you are an author, please look for the submission page with information on how to get your book reviewed (Coming soon).

If you are just someone who shares some of the same interests, feel free to join me!