Growing up I remember once while being home sick, I read a book a day, I was home for a week with strep.  My mother told me that I had to get better so I could use my library card more because it was too expensive to keep buying me books.  I actually still have that particular series of books, I had to own them all, all 20!

I have always loved how a good book could take me away to new place and introduce me to new people.  While occasionally movies can do that, I feel a good book can do it better.  It allows your own imagination to play with how the characters really sound and look.

While in college and graduate school, I still read – but usually the books I wanted to read:)  I hated not having the time to curl up somewhere and become lost in a book.  As a theatre major I spent significant time learning how to analyze plays and do in depth character analyses – which occasionally took the fun out of reading.

To this day, I still have books everywhere, and even some that I have enjoyed so much I have read more than once, and some even more than twice!

Here in these pages I plan to share that love by telling about the books I have read or am reading.  Feel free to comment on any of the books or even share a few of your favorites too.

As you can see, I am open for new authors to submit books too.  One of my best friends and my sister are both authors and they have turned me on to writing reviews.  A great way to read lots of great stories and hopefully introduce myself and my readers to new authors.


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