Is anyone good at writing their own bio?  I used to have to write a brief bio for every theatre company I worked for.  I hated doing it, but typically I could get away with just listing the other companies I worked for and the shows I did.  Pretty easy, but this is a little different, so here goes.

My name is Karyn, I have recently changed careers from working in professional theatre as a stage manager to an e-learning specialist working in the healthcare industry.  While they might sound completely different, there are many similarities.  I used to think that I would miss theatre and eventually go back, but I think the life that came with working in theatre no longer agrees with me.

I gor married to a wonderful man in August of 2010.  Took me close to 40 years to find him, but the wait was worthit, forgive the cliche.  We met while he was in grad school  for technical theatre and I was working in theatre.  He is currently not working in theatre since we moved here for my new position (see told you he is wonderful).

We currently have three four legged furry children, two cats and a dog.  The cats came with me and he and I adopted the dog together just before getting married.


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