Monthly Archives: June 2012



Boy, it has been awhile since I posted anything.  I think I may have lost my one follower:)

One of the reasons I started a blog was to try to branch out from my normal routine.  Anyone who knows me would say I like set schedules and orderly.  I am not OCD about it, but it does make me happy.  But lately I have been feeling cramped by my normal daily routine.  I want to break out of my shell and experience new things, I feel like I am letting too much pass me by.

I have joined a 90 day health challenge.  I start this coming week.  This weekend I will be preparing for this challenge.  I am clearing my house and kitchen of things and surrounding myself with the things that will help me be successful.

This isn’t just about trying to lose weight, it’s about trying to clear out some emotional baggage.  I believe I have a good size u-haul truck filled with emotional baggage and I am tired of lugging it around.  I know I won’t clear it all out, but I need to at least lighten the load.

So, I am creating my cocoon.  It will still let me feel safe and structured, but hopefully also challenge me to stop stressing about the things I cannot control.  To help step out, I am going to try to also challenge myself to post at least once a week on whatever topic pops in my head.  I also need to do some more reading and post some books reviews.

I plan to emerge a beautiful butterfly come August, but I might accept a very brave moth:)