My soap box


I just watched an ad on television advertising to vote for marriage between a man and a woman.  I may be about to open a large can of worms here and a debate I am not really prepared to defend other than by how I feel.  I know there are many others who have very strong feelings both for or against this topic.

What I don’t understand is why is this really an issue?  There is nothing illegal going on, so how can the government step in and define something that doesn’t need to be defined?  Loving someone is not illegal, does it matter their gender other than someone doesn’t agree with it?  No one is asking to marry their dog, although I believe that has happened in other countries.  No one is asking to make human sacrifices, just be able to openly share their loving relationship like every other human being.

I understand that marriage is considered a sacred thing, I agree with that.  But love is at the core of marriage right?  So why can’t a man marry a man if they are in love?  Wasn’t it not too long ago that it was illegal for an African-American man to marry a white woman?  While I know there is still racism, people have learned to accept inter-racial relationships.  How long will it take to accept same sex marriage?

I believe I was raised to be a good Christian person, with a sense of morals and good family values.  I believe that all people despite gender, race or religious preference have a right to pursue happiness.  True, the constitution does not guarantee that we will all be happy, but that we all have the right to pursue it.  This law hinders that right.  The constitution was created to limit our government and not limit the rights of people.

I hope on May 8 all North Carolinians think long and hard about voting for this amendment.  There should be nothing in our laws that limit the rights of an individual over any other individual.

For anyone who choses to respond, please remember – if you have nothing nice to say please don’t say it.


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