This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies


Title: This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies

Author: Renee Pawlish

ISBN: 9780982705612

 Book synopsis: Reed Ferguson has just opened his own detective agency in downtown Denver, CO.  Enter Amanda Ghering, the femme fatale.  What starts out as a simple missing person’s case turns in to murder for hire and the FBI telling him to stay off the case and out of the way.  Reed is determined to see the case through to the end, even if it kills him.

Review:  What a great story!  Renee captures the feeling of the old film noire detective films and brings it in to the modern world.  Reed is charming and witty and has a sense of decency, just like Bogie in The Big Sleep, Reed’s favorite movie.

The book is filled with all the right characters:  Reed, the gumshoe detective; Amanda, the rich femme fatale; Cal, Reed’s go to right hand man; the Goofball Brothers, just a couple of guys without a clue but willing to do anything; and then the villains – the X Women.

I love how Reed starts out excited he has a real case only to quickly realize it might be something just out of his expertise.  He is determined to se it through to the end.  The plot takes several twists and quickly escalates to a great conclusion.  The characters are well developed and fully believable.  Amanda first appears as the weak rich wife looking for her missing husband.  We soon see her as a bored, rich housewife who was tired of her husband cheating on her – and now he’s missing.  Cal is a great right hand man.  He has all the techno gadgets to hack in to any system.  He is a recluse who borders on agoraphobic.  And then there are the Goofball Brothers, three brothers who live downstairs – two of which aren’t quite the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

You have drama, suspense and comedy mixed in to one great story.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good read.


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