Sparrow’s Flight


 Title: Sparrow’s Flight

Author: Sam Kepfield

Publisher: Musa Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61937-146-0

 Book synopsis: 1960’s, the height of the cold war era.  Russia is testing their first manned space flight when something goes wrong.  The shuttle crashes in a field in the middle of Kansas, leaving the cosmonaut, code name Sparrow, to try to find her own way home.  Will Keller is a farmer who returned home after serving in the Army to lead a nice simple life.  When he sees the Soviet sputnik crash land, he goes to see if he can assist.  What he finds is a cosmonaut who is injured and disoriented and ready to defend herself.  Not knowing what else to do he takes her home to recover.

Review:  This short story captures the fear and stigma that was running rampant throughout the world during the 1960’s.  Both Will and Natalya have been trained to think very different things about one another’s cultures and countries.  They soon learn that there is more between them than just politics.

The author does a great job capturing the flight of the sputnik, giving not only technical details, but sharing the experience of the pilot and the awe of going in to space.  While the story takes place in just a few short days, the characters are very believable and real.  Natalya starts out defensive and afraid and slowly begins to realize that perhaps what she has been taught about the United States isn’t true.  We see her relax and come to enjoy the slow farm life and even embrace it.

If you are looking for an enjoyable story with some interesting history and politics thrown in the mix, you will want to read this.


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