Hostile Witness


Title: Hostile Witness

Author: Rebecca Forster

Publisher: Signet Fiction

ISBN: 978-0451211637


Book synopsis: from Some secrets aren’t uncovered. They are unleashed…

The national bestselling author is back with a gripping legal thriller of a brilliant lawyer caught between her client, a powerful family’s hidden legacy, and the truth…

Josie Baylor-Bates returns to the practice of criminal defense when her friend’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Hannah, is arrested for the brutal slaying of her step-grandfather-a California Supreme Court justice. Although all evidence points to Hannah’s guilt, her family’s disturbing relations may play a more significant role than anyone could guess. As Josie unravels a circle of secrets, she discovers a shocking truth that could save her client-or destroy them all…

Review:  I love a good thriller, and this is a good one.  Right from the start there are twists and turns and when you think you really know what’s going on, it turns again.

Hannah is just a teenager, but already she has been through more than most adults.  Her mother will do anything to keep living the posh life, and is even willing to sacrifice her only child to maintain it.  Josie is a great character.  We see her struggle with taking this case and then trying to save Hannah.  Hannah is a tortured soul, she is desperate for her mother’s love and will do anything to keep it.  She has severe OCD and your heart just reaches out to her and can’t believe what her mother is doing to her.

All three women are headstrong and and vulnerable at the same time.  You are easily drawn in to their world.

I couldn’t put this book down, I had to keep reading to see where the story would end.  Once I did reach the end I was ready to read more.


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